Sycamore’s French Day

On the 15th of July (the day after Bastille Day), Sycamore class came to school dressed in red, white and blue for our French themed day.  The day’s learning supported our Food technology and MFL curriculum objectives.  The children worked in small groups to prepare ingredients for a French soup from the Provence region called ‘Soupe au pistou’.  Under close supervision of LSAs and parent volunteers, the children worked on their chopping skills.  Later on in the day, the children turned the classroom into a French café.  Half of the class were waiters, and the other half were customers, after which, they swapped roles. They had conversations in French ordering their drink and main meal. Most of the children enjoyed eating the vegetable soup, although some preferred the baguette.  The children loved the day and it was a great way to end our ‘Picturesque Provence’ topic.

Mrs Aitken


Maths Minion Day June 24th 2016

Maths Minion Day 24th June

The children were surprised and excited to see a blow up Minion attached to the railings as they came into school on Friday. A whole day of Maths to look forward to  – what fun!  Each teacher had designed activities around a book – for example Year 1 and 2 had the book ‘Actual Size’ and  Year 3 had the book ‘365 Penguins.’

The parent governor for Maths dropped in to see what the children were busy with. She remarked: “There was a real buzz in school with pupils engaged in fun learning tasks. It was a great pleasure to see and hear the children’s enthusiasm .”  Year R were creating number lines based on ‘number of legs’ and showed creativity in the ways they could make numbers through different combinations. Year 1/2 were chalking on the playground and measuring the aquatic creatures they drew at actual size.  Year 3/4 had to work out different ways of storing penguins- in pyramids,  rectangular structures and cubes.   Year 4/5 had a task on Pythagoras’ theorem and had balls of string ready to go and mark out right-angled triangles on the playground later. Year 5/6 were tackling ‘How Big is a Million?’ and one of their tasks was to go out to the field and take samples of daisies.

The children clearly enjoyed the activities, particularly the creative aspects and being outside. They were challenged with real life scenarios such as working out sizes or costs. A couple of children from each class were awarded minion prizes for their involvement.  The whole school was set a home learning task of coming up with all the Maths associated with their house number.  Many children have remarked what a fun a home learning task it was.



Science Day Fun!

What a fantastic day was had by all on Twyford St Mary’s Science Day on Tuesday 21st June! The children loved our amazing scientist, Ian Dunne whose passion for science had the children brimming with excitement! Ian’s funny but informative presentations ensured the children were inspired to do some fun investigating of their own! There were floating egg investigations in Ash class, exploding balloons in Oak, cars whizzing down different ramps in Beech, plant investigations in Sycamore, sound experiments and explosions in Willow and finally pulleys in Yew. The children also used Ballard’s Close to go bug collecting and to colour match with nature. Children also investigated and made thaumatropes, investigated sound vibrations, shadow formation and made structures using marshmallows as cement! One child was overheard saying, “that was the best day…EVER!” on her way out of school. I think the rest of Twyford St Mary’s children and staff would echo that!


Space Poetry

Beech and Oak Class have been writing poetry about the planets in our Solar System. They have been learning about editing and publishing to create an anthology of fantastic poems.


Click on our bookcase to read our poems!

Ash Wednesday

Today Reverend Jonah did a special Ash Wednesday assembly.


He told us how he makes the special ash used in the Ash Wednesday service. Some children even had an ash cross drawn on their foreheads.

Now Lent has begun, we are looking forward to Easter.


You may have heard that last week some very strange things were happening at Twyford St Mary’s…

Beech and Oak Classes have been investigating the evidence, and it seems to us that we may have been visited by yellow aliens. (We know they are yellow because they left some yellow slime behind.)

Our suspicions were confirmed when we received an message from the aliens who explained that they had accidentally landed in the KS1 playground. They have asked us to teach them about human beings and living creatures on Earth. Luckily for them, we are a very helpful bunch!

Poetry in Year 1 and 2

In Years 1 and 2 we have been learning about poetry.


We have been performing poems using expression and actions.

We have also had lots of fun exploring how different adjectives and verbs can change a poem.


We have also written our very own leaf calligrams using similes.

Next time you visit our classroom, come and have a look at our fantastic poetry tree!

Sports Day!

On Friday the teams of Finches, Hazeley, Bourne and Manor took to the field for our annual Sports Day!

P1020177    P1020144  P1020169


The children demonstrated excellent sportsmanship, as well as courage (especially for some of those high hurdles!) and lots of joy. A big thank you to our very responsible Year 6s who were able to lead and score in their teams.

P1020223   P1020215   P1020195

Even the parents had a go!

P1020238  P1020237

Thank you to everyone who helped make our Sports Day possible.

Afterwards, we had a whole school celebration in the hall.

Oak Class Trip to Milestones

P1020069As part of our ‘Toys’ topic, Oak Class went on a trip to Milestones Living Museum.

We took part in several workshops which involved looking at artefacts from the past.

After lunch we had some free time in the museum.

The children say their favourite part was the Victorian arcade and dressing

Willow Workshop 28/4/15!

Yesterday Willow class had a very special visitor called Nettal who took us on a magical journey to teach us about the ancient Mayans as a sensational hook in to our topic! Filled with excitement the children took part in a range of activities exploring Mayan writing, arts and crafts. The morning was a complete success and has left us wanting more. Stay tuned as we find out more about this mysterious civilisation…DSCN1779 DSCN1780 DSCN1787 DSCN1789 DSCN1799 DSCN1807